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Testimonial - Richard Treuherz

Debbie Greenhalgh: “One of the best physiotherapists I have come across”.

"Over the last 15-20 years I must have seen 10 different physiotherapists before a friend recommended I visit Debbie 5 years ago. Of the 10 maybe three or four were pretty good and the remainder were fairly average.

Debbie ticks so many boxes and comes out best of all. She listens sympathetically and gives a thorough examination before deciding on the best course of treatment which is carried out using a definite hands on approach. Debbie uses a whole variety of up to date techniques selected from her wide repertoire e.g. careful manipulation/mobilisation, electrotherapy/ultrasound, injections and acupuncture etc. All this is done by clear explanations of the rationale behind the treatment and the possible outcomes.

Debbie works with the patient and his/her injury with a view to re-educating ones body to minimise further injury. This is done by giving advice on how to effect a change of ones movements to put less stress on the overused or damaged area. Simple exercises are also given to speed up the healing process/rehabilitation in the interval between treatments and to maintain the improvement after the course of treatment is completed. I have visited Debbie over a dozen times during last 5 years for three different problems and have the utmost confidence in her work.

Debbie is a thorough professional and has wide experience from her work with sportsmen ( the former Chorley Lynx Rugby League team) and her current work as an Extended Practitioner at Burnley General Hospital plus her 25+(?) years in practice. All in all this makes her an extremely knowledgeable and experienced physiotherapist who can be highly recommended."