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Testimonial - David Bell Plumber

"Debbie has been literally putting me back together again for over a decade. In 2007, as a direct result of her excellent skills, I was able to make a successful return to professional boxing at the ripe old age of 45! Although now a happily retired sportsman, I still pick up various training and work-related injuries and Total-Physio is always my first port of call.

To me life is all about trust, and we all have only one body to work with. I will continue to trust Debbie and her team to look after mine.

Now a professional plumber, in a growing plumbing partnership, the value of being physically fit to complete my work is at least as important today as it was when I was boxing for pay. I can pick up overuse or back related injuries, just from the variety of physical demands of plumbing. As usual, I turn to Debbie or Ruth to help me recover as quickly as possible and to enable me to earn again. Their immediate and caring approach to my needs means that, even in the twilight of my working life I will remain fit, flexible and active.

I have no hesitation in recommending Debbie and her outstanding team in to anyone, athlete or otherwise."