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 H.P.C. Registered Podiatrist     Antony Hughes BSc (Hons) MSc MSChP 

Tony specialises in biomechanical assessment and has a special interest in running. He has many years experience in this field working as an extended scope practitioner in musculoskeletal clinic and also in the private sector. He is available at total physio on Monday evenings from 5 PM.

Full biomechanical assessment lasting approximately 45 minutes
£48 including provision of temporary orthotics.
We suggest that you use the temporary orthotics for approximately 6 weeks to see if this alleviates the problem before committing to a permanent per of carbon fibre orthotics.
Permanent orthotics  carbon fibre. Tony uses carbon fibre as this is inherently strong enabling a less bulky orthotic to be provided which will fit more comfortably into foot wear.
£150 including review appointment

Core Stability



Pilates is a form of exercise that helps to improve the core strength of the body.  Each exercise builds on the one before.  Over time, the correct movement patterns of the body are restored and this reduces the affects of activities of daily living taking their toll on the body.


Jane Goodall 

Tom E. Gutteridge MOst                     

 To enquire about osteopathy or to make an appointment please call Spring Bank clinic on 01254 830 150.